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No resources? No problem.

We got you covered! Our in-house professional services team which includes creative designers and developers will provide a full service experience. No matter what story you're trying to tell, our team is experienced at solving any problems.

Our Professional White-Glove service includes the following:
  1. CONTENT STRATEGY - We work with organizations to brainstorm and strategize their content vision on how to use publishXi for maximum profitability.
  2. CONTENT CREATION - Our in-house professional designers and content creators will create and publish content to channels on your organization's be-half. 
  3. CONTENT MANAGEMENT - We will maintain all the published content assets and also the updates.
  4. REPORTING - We will give you access to your own branded portal for real-time reporting to analyze how publishXi is helping your organization's content engagement.
  5. MAINTENANCE - We will upload and maintain mobile apps in Appstore and Playstore on your behalf along with the responsive web application.
  6. CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Our staff will provide a turn-key experience & support at your convenience.

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