Out of the box in minutes

PublishXi is modernizing
how knowledge experiences are
created, managed, and delivered.

Create modern engaging content experiences. PublishXi provides a
distraction-free learning platform to showcase any type of content
for both public and private audiences. Fully white-labeled to compliment
your organization or brand.

How it works?

Drag & drop content into your studio from multiple sources such as videos from YouTube or Vimeo, podcasts, PDFs, documents and 3D files.

Transform, enhance & optimize for multi-device immersive content experiences.

Create private or public channels that cater to your audiences' or organizations' interests, needs & personas.

Publish targeted and relevant content experiences in real-time.

Deliver content to your own branded iOS and Android apps with a companion web application in minutes.

Analyze insights. Take actions. No coding required.

Create content experiences your audiences will love

Take your content and create engaging, interactive and immersive experiences without traditional development or coding in your own easy-to-use studio.

  • Simple drag and drop functionality allows you to easily add images, PDFs, 3D files, podcasts, videos, etc
  • Update changes in real-time
  • New layouts available on a regular basis
  • Preview changes on multiple devices before they go live

Deploy branded applications in minutes

Launch a branded iOS and Android app and companion web application out of the box

  • Offline first approach
  • Multi-device synchronization
  • Multi-lingual access
  • Built-in features such as night mode and videos, images and videos open within the application

Control and manage your audiences’ access to content

Authenticate, authorize users and target relevant content directly to your audiences'

  • Secure content access
  • Manage your users
  • Built-in Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Target your audiences' via public and private channels

Analyze user engagement

Analyze insights and discover how your audiences really engage with your content. Take action!

  • Real-time analytics
  • Data visualization & reports
  • Data sorts by role, job type, and location
  • Unlimited data export in PDF or CSV file format
  • Automatically generate xAPI statements, track and export them to a Learning Record Store (LRS)

See PublishXi embedded widgets in action!

Take your content to the next level by providing an engaging experience to your audience wherever they are. Share and integrate content on your website, email or social media posts with a URL link or an embed code.

Click below to experience the HTML5 Xi file format in action and get inspired on how you can build an enhanced content experience for your audience, even if you have multiple different file formats hosted on multiple platforms.


Let us show you how to improve content engagement - for marketing, sales, training & content teams.