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Launch your own Netflix-like platform with any type of content for your audience. Gain control of all your digital content in one platform.

Rapidly launch your branded native mobile apps & complementary web app in minutes . Improve content discoverability & target users via channels . Distribute content securely via access control & user management . Provide a distraction-free content experience

How does it work?


Bring content journeys to life

Improve content discoverability & target users via channels
Distribute content securely via access control & user management console
Provide a distraction-free content experience via an all-in-one platform


Create, transform & enrich existing content assets like websites, blogs, YouTube, social media, PDFs, documents & much more within minutes!


Publish personalized, targeted & relevant content journeys to your internal & external audiences.


Distribute content via auto-generated branded native mobile & web application via channels in real-time.


Manage your users using our powerful user management console. Secure your digital content journeys with granular-level content access control.


Analyze insights. Discover how your audience really engage with your content. Take actions! 

Studio : Rapidly launch a branded native mobile app & complementary web app

No technical skills required. Choose from a gallery of templates, customize the look & feel of the application, select security features, populate with content and stream the content journey in real-time.


Branded native mobile apps

Your audience will experience published content in your own branded native mobile app that will be published to Android Google Playstore and the Apple Appstore.


Branded responsive web reader

No matter which device your audience chooses, they will receive all the benefits of publshXi has to offer with your own complementary branded responsive web application in minutes! On-board users directly through a URL or via your existing website using our publishXi widget code.


Create personalized content journeys at scale

Distraction Free Experience

Control your audiences' content experience without having to redirect them via multiple platforms like Youtube, Podcast, Google Drive, Dropbox, PDF & much more

Delightful User Experience

Let your audience consume complex, multi-dimensional content with simple navigation and on-demand access on any device


Improve Content Discoverability

Your audience can explore and discover new content through channels

Improve User Engagement

PublishXi's tailored suggestions based on user interactions with your content will improve user engagement

Receive product updates